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Rondo Pairs Drill for Soccer 4+1 vs 2

Rondo Pairs: 4+1 vs 2

Rondo Pairs: Improve Passing and Ball Possession

In this blog post, we will discuss a training exercise called Rondo Pairs, which is designed to improve passing and ball possession skills in soccer. This drill is suitable for 13-year-old players and above and involves two pairs of players (4 players) trying to maintain possession of the ball against 2 players (1 pair), with limited ball touches. Let’s dive into the objective and coaching points, as well as the setup and duration of this exercise.

Objective and Coaching Points: Improve passing and ball possession
Rondo Size: 8x8m
Players: 7
Duration: 10-15 min
Age: +13 Year Old
Description: 2 pairs of players (4 players) try to maintain possession of the ball with the help of joker in middle against 2 players (1 pair), with limited ball touches (1-2 touches).

Rondo Pairs: Rondo Game for Soccer [VIDEO]

Objective and Coaching Points

The main objective of the Rondo Pairs drill is to improve passing accuracy, decision-making, and ball control under pressure. By playing in a small-sided game with limited touches, players are forced to think quickly and execute precise passes to maintain possession. Here are some coaching points to focus on during this exercise:

  • Quick Decision-Making: Encourage players to scan the field and make quick decisions on where to pass the ball.
  • Communication: Emphasize the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication between players to create passing options.
  • First Touch: Stress the significance of a good first touch to control the ball and set up the next pass.
  • Movement Off the Ball: Teach players to make intelligent runs and create space to receive the ball.
  • Pressure and Anticipation: Train players to anticipate the movements of opponents and apply pressure to win back possession.

Rondo Size, Players, and Duration

The recommended size for the Rondo Pairs drill is 8×8 meters. This compact playing area forces players to make quick decisions and execute precise passes in tight spaces. The exercise involves 7 players in total:

  • 2 pairs of players (4 players) who will try to maintain possession
  • 2 players (1 pair) who will apply pressure and try to win the ball back
  • 1 joker player positioned in the middle to help the team in possession

The duration of the Rondo Pairs drill is typically 10-15 minutes. This timeframe allows players to fully engage in the exercise without becoming fatigued. It’s important to maintain a high intensity throughout the drill to maximize its effectiveness.

Description of the Drill

Now, let’s walk through the step-by-step process of the Rondo Pairs drill:

  1. Set up an 8×8 meter playing area using cones or markers to define the boundaries.
  2. Divide the players into two pairs, each pair positioned opposite each other within the playing area.
  3. Assign two players to apply pressure and win the ball back. They should position themselves outside the playing area.
  4. Position a joker player in the middle of the playing area to help the team in possession.
  5. Start the drill by having one pair of players pass the ball to each other while the other pair tries to win the ball back.
  6. The team in possession should aim to maintain possession for as long as possible, using the joker player to create passing options.
  7. Limit the number of touches each player can take to increase the difficulty and encourage quick decision-making.
  8. If the defending pair wins the ball back, they can switch roles with the pair who lost possession.
  9. Continue the drill for the desired duration, focusing on the coaching points mentioned earlier.

The Rondo Pairs drill is a great way to develop passing and ball possession skills in a game-like scenario. By practicing in a small-sided game with limited touches, players can improve their decision-making, communication, and overall technique. Remember to provide constructive feedback and encouragement to help players progress and enjoy the training session.

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Give the Rondo Pairs drill a try in your next training session and witness the positive impact it can have on your team’s passing and ball possession abilities. Good luck & Happy Coaching!