Sharpening your team’s attacking instincts is vital for dominating the pitch. This dynamic training session, designed for groups of 12 players, progressively builds attacking confidence and teamwork. The “1 vs 0 to 3 vs 3” drill incorporates a series of situations, starting with individual duels and culminating in coordinated team attacks. Through 30 minutes of focused practice, players will hone their ball control, decision-making, and finishing skills, making them a more potent offensive force on the field.

Now, let’s delve into the drill’s organization, process, and variations

Duration: 30 minutes


  • Mark a square playing area: 30 meters x 30 meters
  • Set up two large goals with a goalkeeper at each end
  • Divide players into two teams of 6 each
  • Teams position themselves beside their respective goals

Starting Possession:

  • The team designated “Blue” begins with the ball

Drill Process:

  1. 1 vs 0: The first player from the Blue team dribbles into the field from the center line and attempts a shot on the opposite goal.
  2. 1 vs 1: Following a shot on goal or a ball out of play, the first player from the Red team initiates a 1v1 situation. They receive the ball from their goalkeeper and attempt to score on the Blue goal.
  3. Progressive Possession: After each concluded situation (goal or ball out), the drill progresses to the next level of possession:
    • 2 vs 1 (Blue)
    • 2 vs 2
    • 3 vs 3 (Blue)
  4. Rotation and Repetition: Once all players have participated in the 3 vs 3 scenario, the drill restarts with the remaining players, rotating Blue and Red starting positions.
1 vs 0 to 3 vs 3


  • Weak Foot Focus: Implement a variation where goal attempts must be made with the player’s weaker foot, promoting improved overall footwork and technique.
  • Mini-Goal Adaptation: For situations without goalkeepers, utilize mini-goals to maintain a focus on scoring and finishing.

Coaching Cues:

  • Emphasis on Quick Transitions: Encourage players to transition quickly between situations, focusing on first-touch passing and decisive actions.
  • Balanced Play: Avoid overloading one side of the field during possession drills. Ensure all players receive adequate playing time and opportunities.
  • Sharpened Finishing: Stress the importance of quality goal attempts throughout the drill, focusing on proper shooting technique and accuracy.
  • Duel Mentality: Promote a competitive spirit during 1v1 and 2v1 situations, encouraging players to win the individual battles that contribute to overall team success.

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Remember, this drill also train defensive skills of players. The point is to attack fast, but during transition they have to defend well in transition attack-denfece even though the player finds himself in numerical superiority with one more opponent.