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1 vs 0 to 1 vs 2 – Finishing Drill

1 vs 0 to 1 vs 2

1 vs 0 to 1 vs 2 Soccer Drill: Improving Attacking and Transition Skills

This soccer drill is designed to improve attacking and transition skills, with a focus on shooting. The duration of the drill is approximately 20 minutes.

1 vs 0 to 1 vs 2
TimeOrganizationProcess & VariationsCoaching
20 minOccupy a goal with a goalkeeper
Build positions A, B and C
Build mini-goals between the locations shown in Figure 2
Mark a pole in the penalty area
Distribute your players in the three positions
Each player has a ball
Player A dribbles towards the pole, feints, and then shoots at goal
Player B then starts the field for a 1 vs 1 vs A
Player C then dribbles into the field for a 1v2 against A and B
After winning the ball, one of the two mini goals is countered
Dribble with speed
With conviction duels and look for the conclusion
Switching game after winning the ball
Goal shot


To set up the drill, you will need a goal with a goalkeeper. Build three positions, labeled A, B, and C, on the field. Additionally, create mini-goals between the designated locations as shown in Figure 2. Mark a pole in the penalty area.


The drill starts with Player A dribbling towards the pole, performing feints, and then shooting at the goal. After Player A’s shot, Player B enters the field for a 1 vs 1 against Player A. Once Player C joins the field, it becomes a 1 vs 2 situation, with Player C dribbling against Players A and B.

When one team wins the ball, they can counter-attack and aim to score in one of the mini-goals.

Variations and Coaching Tips

You can add variations to the drill by making it a passive 1 vs 1 or 1 vs 2 situation. This allows players to focus on specific skills and techniques.

Coaching tips for this drill include encouraging players to dribble with speed and conviction, emphasizing duels and the importance of looking for the conclusion of the play. Additionally, incorporate majority/minority switching games after winning the ball to work on concentration, precision, and goal shots.

By practicing this soccer drill, players can improve their attacking abilities, transition skills, and shooting accuracy.