The high pressing rondo game is an innovative and effective drill designed to improve players’ endurance and ability to play under high pressure. Suitable for players aged 13 and above, this drill incorporates elements of sprinting, quick decision-making, and precise ball control.

Drill Organization

The drill is set up with one main rondo box measuring 10×10 meters and two smaller boxes, each measuring 6×6 meters. The organization of these boxes is crucial for the flow and effectiveness of the training session.

Drill Process

The process begins with two players starting a sprint in the main rondo, engaging in a 4vs2 scenario. After winning the ball, they transition to a 3vs1 rondo in the smaller box. Upon gaining possession in the small rondo, they sprint again and finish by aiming at small goals. This sequence is repeated to maximize the drill’s benefits. High pressing & rondo! 🔥🔥 ⚡️2 Players starting with a sprint in the main rondo 4vs2 ⚡️After winning the ball, they go sprint in 3vs1 rondo ⚡️And after getting the ball in small rondo the go once again sprint to the ball and finishing to small goals! Improve players Endurance and High pressing! Crafted on @tacticalpad ✅ Follow or visit our site for more specific drills 🚀 #TacticalPad #soccergame #rondo #soccerdrills #CapCut @TacticalPad ♬ original sound –

Benefits of this drill

One of the primary benefits of this drill is the improvement of players’ endurance, as it involves continuous sprinting and high-intensity actions. Additionally, the high pressing rondo game teaches players to perform under pressure with limited touches, fostering quick thinking and rapid decision-making. Overall, it helps players develop skills essential for modern football.

This drill is created with @TacticalPad

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