Rondo Games in Soccer

In modern soccer training, one popular method that has gained significant attention in recent years is the use of Rondo Games, also known as small-sided games.

Explore what Rondo Games are, the benefits they offer in modern soccer, and  the best Rondo Soccer Drills to incorporate into training sessions.

What are Rondo Games or Small-Sided Games?

Rondo games are small-sided games played in a confined space with a limited number of players.

Rondos are originated in Spain and have since been widely adopted by top-level clubs around the world.

Small-sided games or Rondo Games are designed to replicate real match situations.

By playing in a small area with limited time and options, players are forced to think quickly, make accurate passes, and anticipate the movements of their teammates and opponents.

There are variations of rondos in which are specific task for the players or team, transitions game etc.

Benefits of Rondo Games in Modern Soccer

Rondo Games offer numerous benefits that contribute to the development of well-rounded soccer players. Here are some key advantages:

  • Improves Technical Skills
  • Enhances Decision-Making Abilities
  • Develops Spatial Awareness
  • Increases Intensity and Fitness
  • Promotes Teamwork and Communication

Best Rondo Soccer Drills

There are various Rondo Games that coaches can incorporate into their training sessions.

In any training method, it is important to adapt Rondo Games to suit the age, skill level, and objectives of the players.

Coaches should also ensure that the games are challenging yet enjoyable, creating an environment that promotes learning and development.

Discover our Small Sided Games/Rondos Below: