Pump Up Your Team’s Pressing, Possession and Pressure

Elevate your team’s possession game and defensive pressure with the high-intensity Rondo – 6 vs 2 Ball Chase drill! This dynamic session, perfect for groups of 10 players (plus a coach), injects a dose of adrenaline while honing passing accuracy, movement, and responsiveness. In just 20 minutes, you’ll witness a significant improvement in your team’s ability to dominate possession under pressure.

Let’s break down the drill’s organization, process, variations, and coaching cues.


  • Mark out two square playing areas: 12 meters x 12 meters each.
  • Maintain a 10-meter gap between the two squares.
  • Divide your players into two teams.
  • Assign five players (White) to each of the two squares.
  • The remaining players (Red) form pairs and become the defenders.
  • Position the defenders with the coach at a designated “ball depot” approximately 15 meters away.

Drill Process:

  1. The Coach Initiates: The coach injects the ball into one of the playing fields.
  2. Red on the Hunt: The first designated Red defender pair sprints into action, aiming to win the ball from the White team in that specific field.
  3. White Reinforcement: A White player from the opposite field can join the possession team, creating a temporary 6 vs 2 scenario.
  4. Winning the Ball: Once Red successfully wins the ball, the coach plays it into the other field.
  5. Red Pair Rotation: The next Red defender pair takes the field, with the option for a White player to switch fields for continued 6 vs 2 play.
  6. Duty Swap: After a set time (e.g., 2 minutes), switch the roles of White (attackers) and Red (defenders).
High-Intensity Rondo: 6 vs 2 Ball Chase


  • Limited Contact: Introduce a variation where players can only make light contact when challenging for the ball, promoting skill and control over brute force.

Coaching Cues:

  • Sharpen the Passing Game: Emphasize quick and accurate passing among the White team, maintaining possession under pressure.
  • Explosive Acceleration: Encourage Red defenders to explode into action when the ball enters their designated field.
  • Masterful Changes of Direction: Highlight the importance of sharp changes of direction by both attackers and defenders to create space and win the ball.
  • React and Respond: Promote a mentality of quick reactions and anticipation among all players, adapting to the dynamic flow of the drill.
  • Duel Mentality: Foster a competitive spirit during the 2 vs 6 situations, emphasizing the importance of winning individual battles that contribute to overall team success.
  • Majority/Minority: For a more advanced variation, implement a “Majority/Minority” rule. For example, if there are 4 White players in one field and 2 in the other, the “Majority” field has an advantage and requires Red to win the ball within a shorter timeframe.

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