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Combination play in soccer refers to the coordinated and strategic passing and movement between players to create scoring opportunities. It involves quick and precise passes, intelligent off-the-ball runs, and effective communication on the field.

What is Combination Play in Soccer?

Combination play is an essential aspect of team performance as it allows players to break through the opposition’s defense to attacking transitions and create goal-scoring chances.

The worlds best teams play safe combinations in even the most difficult game situations. Multi player combinations are now the rule for attack building and constructive intelligent play at the back is more important than ever. The stars of today have to master the combination plays in order for improvement in their game. hope that you will get enjoyment from these easy to understand training sessions and you can transfer the sessions to your club coaching. Each session can easily be adapted by increasing the size of the pitch/grids or by increasing the number of players.

Combination play sessions will hopefully increase your individual player and team movement on/ off the ball with quick, accurate ball circulation in order to open up opposition defences. We believes that coaches need to focus more on combination plays in the training environment and encourage young players to express themselves at every opportunity.

Soccer Combination Play Drills

To enhance combination play and improve team performance, coaches often incorporate specific drills into their training sessions. These drills focus on developing players’ technical skills, tactical awareness, and understanding of each other’s movements. Here are a few soccer combination play drills that can be beneficial:

  1. 1. Triangle Passing: This drill involves three players forming a triangle and passing the ball to each other. The objective is to maintain quick and accurate passing while constantly moving to create passing angles.
  2. 2. Wall Passes: In this drill, two players work together to execute wall passes. One player passes the ball against the wall and then receives it back from the other player, creating a quick one-two combination.
  3. 3. Overlaps and Through Balls: This drill focuses on creating space and exploiting it with well-timed overlapping runs and through balls. Players practice their timing and communication to execute successful combinations in the attacking third.
  4. 4. Small-Sided Games: Small-sided games, such as 4v4 or 5v5, provide an opportunity for players to apply combination play in a realistic game scenario. These games encourage quick decision-making, effective passing, and coordinated movement.

Attacking Combination Play Soccer Drills

Attacking combination play drills specifically target the offensive aspect of combination play. These drills aim to improve players’ ability to break down the opposition’s defense and create scoring opportunities. Here are a few attacking combination play drills:

  1. Rondo: Rondo, also known as “piggy in the middle,” is a popular drill that emphasizes quick passing and decision-making. It involves a group of players forming a circle and keeping possession of the ball while one or two players try to win it back. Rondo drills help improve players’ technical skills, awareness, and ability to play under pressure.
  2. Attacking Combination Play: These drills focus on developing combination plays in the attacking third of the field. They involve players working together to create goal-scoring opportunities through well-timed passes, movement off the ball, and effective positioning. These drills improve players’ understanding of attacking patterns, decision-making, and finishing skills.
  3. Transition Rondo: Transition rondo drills simulate game situations where players must quickly transition from defense to attack or vice versa. These drills help improve players’ ability to switch gears, make quick decisions, and maintain possession under pressure. They also enhance the team’s ability to transition smoothly between different phases of the game.
  4. Overlapping Runs and Crosses: This drill focuses on overlapping runs from full-backs and wingers, followed by accurate crosses into the box. Players practice their timing, communication, and delivery to create dangerous attacking opportunities.
  5. Give-and-Go Combinations: In this drill, players practice give-and-go combinations to penetrate the opposition’s defense. Quick one-touch passes and intelligent movement are emphasized to create space and goal-scoring opportunities.
  6.  Through Balls and Forward Runs: This drill involves midfielders playing through balls to forwards making well-timed forward runs. Players work on their vision, timing, and execution to create goal-scoring chances.

Transition Rondo Soccer Drills

Transition rondo soccer drills focus on improving players’ ability to transition quickly between attack and defense. These drills simulate real-game scenarios where players practice their decision-making, positioning, and speed of play. Here are a few transition rondo soccer drills:

1. 4v2 Rondo: In this drill, four players try to keep possession against two defenders. When the defenders win the ball, they quickly transition into attack, and the possession team becomes the defending team. This drill improves players’ ability to transition from defense to attack and vice versa.

 6v4 Transition Rondo: This drill involves six players keeping possession against four defenders. The attacking team aims to maintain possession and quickly transition into attack when they win the ball back. The defenders focus on regaining possession and transitioning into attack themselves.

 Fast Break Rondo: In this drill, the possession team tries to score a goal within a certain time limit. If the defenders win the ball, they can counter-attack and try to score themselves. This drill emphasizes quick decision-making, efficient transitions, and effective communication.

30 Rondo and Football Training Sessions [Gallery]

5 v. 5 + 5: Possession Transition Principle

5 v. 5 + 5: Possession Transition Principle
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These drills are just a few examples of the wide range of combination play exercises available. Each drill can be modified and adapted to suit the specific needs and skill levels of your team.


By incorporating these combination play and transition rondo drills into training sessions, teams can improve their overall performance on the field. These drills not only enhance players’ technical skills and tactical understanding but also promote effective communication and teamwork. Regular practice of combination play drills can lead to more fluid and cohesive team performances during matches.

So, embrace the importance of combination play in soccer, and let be your guide in developing these essential skills. With our training sessions, you can unlock your team’s full potential and witness the positive impact of combination play on your team’s performance.