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Double Triangle Passing Pattern | 3 Variations

triangle passing drill | variation 3


In this blog post, we will explore a passing drill called the Double Triangle Passing Pattern. This drill is designed to improve passing accuracy and movement on the soccer field. We will discuss three variations of this drill that you can incorporate into your training sessions to enhance your team’s passing abilities.

Passing Drill: Double Triangle Passing Pattern

The Double Triangle Passing Pattern is a structured drill that focuses on quick and accurate passing. It involves two triangles, each consisting of three players, positioned on opposite sides of the field. The objective of the drill is for players to pass the ball between the triangles while maintaining good movement and communication.

Duration: 15-20 min

Age: U14 – Pro

Players: 8

Improve Passing Accuracy,  Player Movements & Players Communication Skills.

Variation 1

  triangle passing drill | variation 1

In this variation, the players in each triangle are only allowed to take one touch before passing the ball. This encourages quick decision-making and improves passing accuracy. The players should focus on using the inside of their foot to make crisp and precise passes. As the drill progresses, increase the speed of the passes to challenge the players even further.

Variation 2

triangle passing drill | variation 2In this variation, the players in each triangle incorporate overlapping runs into the drill. As the ball is passed between the triangles, the player who made the pass should make an overlapping run around the receiving player. This creates movement and options for the player with the ball, simulating a real game situation. Encourage the players to communicate and time their runs effectively to maximize the effectiveness of this variation.

Variation 3

To make the drill more game-like, you can introduce a defender into the Double Triangle Passing Pattern. The defender’s role is to try and intercept the passes or put pressure on the players with the ball. This variation adds an element of competition and forces the players to make quicker and more accurate passes. It also helps improve their decision-making skills under pressure.

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Benefits of the Double Triangle Passing Pattern

The Double Triangle Passing Pattern offers several benefits for players and teams:

  • Improved passing accuracy: The structured nature of the drill allows players to focus on making accurate passes.
  • Enhanced movement: The drill encourages players to move off the ball and make supporting runs.
  • Improved communication: Players need to communicate effectively to execute the drill successfully.
  • Game-like situations: The variations of the drill simulate real game scenarios, helping players develop their decision-making skills.
  • Increased competitiveness: Adding a defender to the drill adds a competitive element, pushing players to perform under pressure.


The Double Triangle Passing Pattern is a valuable passing drill that can benefit players of all skill levels. By incorporating variations such as one-touch passing, overlapping runs, and adding a defender, you can enhance the drill’s effectiveness and make it more game-like. Remember to focus on passing accuracy, movement, and communication during the drill to maximize its benefits. Incorporate this drill into your training sessions and watch your team’s passing abilities improve.

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