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Combination Passing Drills in Soccer | +100 Exercises in PDF

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Combination play is a crucial aspect of soccer that can greatly enhance a team’s performance. It involves players working together to create scoring opportunities through quick and accurate passing.

By mastering combination passing drills, players can improve their understanding of each other’s movements, develop better communication, and enhance their overall teamwork on the field.

Benefits of Combination Passing Drills

There are several benefits to incorporating combination passing drills into your soccer training sessions:

  • Improved Communication: Combination passing drills require players to communicate effectively with each other, ensuring that they are on the same page and understand each other’s intentions.
  • Better Decision Making: By practicing combination play, players learn to make quick decisions on the field, identifying the best passing options and executing them with precision.
  • Enhanced Teamwork: Combination passing drills foster a sense of teamwork and cooperation among players, as they learn to trust and rely on each other’s abilities.
  • Increased Possession: Effective combination play allows teams to maintain possession of the ball for longer periods, giving them more opportunities to create scoring chances.
  • Improved Attacking Skills: Combination passing drills help players develop their attacking skills by teaching them how to move off the ball, create space, and make well-timed runs.

Top Combination Passing Drills

Here are some highly effective combination passing drills that you can incorporate into your soccer training sessions:

1. Triangle Passing

In this drill, players form triangles on the field and pass the ball to each other using one or two touches. The focus is on quick, accurate passing and movement off the ball.

2. Wall Passes

Players practice wall passes by passing the ball against a wall and receiving it back. This drill helps improve passing accuracy and teaches players to anticipate the return pass.

3. Give-and-Go

In this drill, two players pass the ball to each other and then make overlapping runs to create scoring opportunities. It helps improve communication, timing, and coordination between players.

4. Small-Sided Game with Restrictions

Set up a small-sided game with specific restrictions, such as requiring a certain number of passes before a team can shoot. This drill encourages players to work together and find creative passing solutions.

5. Possession Circles

Players form circles and try to maintain possession of the ball by passing it to each other. This drill improves passing accuracy, decision making, and awareness of space.

Tips for Effective Combination Passing

Here are some tips to help your team excel in combination passing:

  • Communication: Encourage players to communicate with each other by calling for the ball and providing clear instructions.
  • Movement off the Ball: Emphasize the importance of players moving off the ball to create passing options and open up space.
  • Timing: Teach players to time their runs and passes effectively, ensuring that they are in sync with their teammates.
  • Quick Decision Making: Encourage players to make quick decisions on the field and execute passes without hesitation.
  • Precision: Stress the importance of accurate passing to maintain possession and create scoring opportunities.


Combination passing drills are an essential component of soccer training, helping teams improve their communication, decision making, teamwork, and attacking skills.

By incorporating these drills into your training sessions and focusing on effective communication, movement off the ball, and quick decision making, your team will be well on its way to mastering the art of combination play.

So, gather your players, grab a ball, and start practicing these drills to take your team’s performance to the next level!