Passing is a fundamental skill in football that every player needs to master. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, practicing passing drills can help improve your accuracy, speed, and decision-making on the field. In this article, we will explore 100 effective passing drills & games that can elevate passing skills and your game to the next level. Let’s get started!

Table of Content – Advanced Passing Drills and Games

Manchester United Passing Drill
Italian Passing Awareness Drill
Liverpool Passing Game
Juventus Reverse Passing Drill
Burnley FC Possession Game
Burnley FC Possession Game with Striker
Man City Passing Game (Part 1)
Man City Passing Game (Part 2)
Dutch High Tempo Passing Drill (Part 1)
Dutch High Tempo Passing Drill (Part 2)
Everton Circle Passing Game 7 v 3
Everton Circle Passing Game 3 v 3
Newcastle United Box Passing Drill
Mexico 2 v 2 Passing Game
Juventus 6 v 6 Chip to Score
Game6 v 6 Three Zone Game

Ireland Six Goal Game
Man City 6 v 6 Thinking Game
Through the Gate
3 v 1 Swap Over
Find the Open Player Game
2 v 2 Passing Under Pressure
4 v 2 Both Sides
4 v 4 Passing Under Pressure, 4 v 1, Play to Target Man
Chip to Target
Crossing Drill I,II,III
3 v 3 in Grid
4 v 3, one on, one off
Build the Numbers
Move the Ball
2 v 1 Under Pressure
Numbers Possession
Penetration Box
Third Man Running
Passing to Targets, Passing for Defenders
Go Passing for Midfield Players 1, Passing for Midfield Players 2
Passing for Forwards 1- Playing the Ball Wide, The Give and Go, Back to Goal
One Against One with Four Corner Players
Two Against One
Two Against Two with Four Players in Support
Three Against One
Three Against Two
Three vs Three (Attacking the Goal-Lines)
Three Against Three/Two Players in Support
Four Against Two
Four Against Four
Five Against Five Plus One Neutral Player
Seven Against Five
Seven vs Seven
Eight Against Eight (Attacking the Goal-Lines)
Two Forwards vs One Defender
Three Forwards vs Two Defenders
Five Forwards vs Four Defenders
Six Forwards vs Six Defenders
Two Against Two (two goals)
Three Against Three (two goals)
Three Zone Game with Goalkeepers
Three Zone Game with Four Goals

Intermediate Passing Drills and Games

Three Zone Game with Goalkeepers
Hit The Flag Drill
Follow Ball Drill
Triangle Passing
Passing in Triangles
Diagonal Passing Drill
Rotation Passing Exercise
The Passing Square – Two Touch, One Touch, Give and Go, Short and Long
Improving Passing and Team Balance
Improving Penetration when Passing
Quick Decisions when Passing
Pass and Overlap
Give and Go
Passing Rotation
Passing Rotary
Reverse Pass
The Three Pass Game
Passing with the right speed
Give and Go Basics
Mine Field
The Numbers Game
The Color Game
Passing and Support
Pass Outside the Grid
3 v 1 Passing Under Pressure
Hit the Ball
One Touch, Two Touch
Mechanics of the Chip Pass, Mechanics of the Bent Pass, Mechanics of the Lofted Pass
Aerial Passing Drill
Return the Pass
Pass and Overlap II
First Man, Second Man
Keep the Ball
Sit on the Ball
Take Overs
Chip Pass Drill
Loft and Chip Rotation Drill
The Lofted Pass I
The Lofted Pass II

Fundamental Passing Drills and Games

Speed Ball
Mechanics of the Push Pass
Lock the Ankle
Land on the Moon
Soccer Marbles
The Incredible Shrinking Box
Balls in the Box
3,2,1, Blast Off
One Man Relay Passing
Two Man Relay Passing
Under the Bridge
Speed Passing
Swap the Ball
Pressure Passing I,II,III
Target Passing
Follow the Pass
Through the Tunnel
Knock Down the Cone
Pass and Run

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These  passing drills are just a starting point. Remember to practice regularly and focus on improving your technique and decision-making. With dedication and hard work, you’ll become a master of passing in no time. Good luck in your training sessions!